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How do I wash my Hexoskin shirt?

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 01:31PM EDT


Before washing your Hexoskin™ compatible garment, you must first disconnect and remove the Hexoskin device from it. Do not put the device in the washing machine.

Carefully follow these instructions to lengthen your intelligent garment's life.


Wash your garment in a washing machine, using either the "hand wash cycle" or "gentle cycle" if available. Polyamide microfibers tend to lose their shape and elasticity when washed with a regular washing cycle. Use a lingerie or mesh wash bag if you have one. Do not leave the garment in the washing machine once the cycle is over.

Wash the garment with products having similar wash care instructions, (e.g. underwear, knitwear, or stretch sportswear). Avoid washing with products such as towels, jeans, sheets that need a normal to heavy wash. Do not overload the washing machine.

Use half the dose recommended by the soap manufacturer in order to avoid absorption of the residues by the garment’s fibers. Such absorption could result in a premature wear of the garment.  

Never use bleach products, they can alter the garment.  

Never use softener for the same reason as said previously for the soap.

If you can not wash your garment right after wearing it, take the time to rinse it in cold water in order to eliminate sweat. Sweat contains a large quantity of salt, which is highly corrosive and may therefore prematurely wear the garment if not rinsed. 



Line-dry the garment immediately after washing. Enzymes in laundry detergent can 
damage the garments if they are kept wet in the washing machine for a long time. 
Never use the dryer. The heat of the dryer can damage for the elastane fibers. 
Do not twist or wring. Your intelligent garment contains electric conductors that could break under twisting effect. Instead, line-dry or dry flat. The fabric used for this garment integrates "Quick dry" technology and is designed to dry fast.  


Do not iron. The heat from the iron may change the color of the garment and deteriorate the fabric. 

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