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Can I download/export my data from the dashboard?

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2014 03:19PM EST
Yes, you can download all processed data (Heart rate, Breathing Rate, Minute Ventilation, Activity and Cadence) in CSV format, and all raw data (ECG, raw respiration sensor, accelerometer, etc...) in binary format. Binary data can be converted to CSV using the procedure described here: How do I convert binary data downloaded from the dashboard?

To achieve this, start by logging into your dashboard at
Click on the Record or Training you're interested in.
Click on the Print/Download button () and choose “Download CSV data” if you only need processed data, or “Download BINARY data” if you’re interested in downloading everything including the raw data.
The CSV file returns a file that looks like so:
timestamp /api/v1/datatype/33/   /api/v1/datatype/19/   /api/v1/datatype/36/   ...
1127275431 10 71 6825.92 ...
351127275687   11 71 6825.92 ...
351127275943 11 72 6825.92 ...
351127276199 10 72 6825.92 ...
351127276455 10 72 6825.92 ...
... ... ... ... ...
The timestamp represents the time at which the data was acquired in a special format we call HexoTimestamp. The number shown represents the number of seconds since 1st January 1970, 00:00:00 UTC times 256. The other columns contain the biometric data. The datatypes contained in the columns are as follow (units in parenthesis):
19: Heart rate (beats/minute)
33: Breathing rate (breaths/minute)
36: Minute ventilation (milliliters/minute)
49: Activity (g)
53: Cadence (steps/minute)

As mentioned, if downloading as binary files, you might need to decode the files to view the data. You can easily do that using the procedure described here: How do I convert binary data downloaded from the dashboard?

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