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Understanding the CSV export

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2014 10:04AM EST
You've downloaded a csv data file and you're wondering what each column stands for.
Here is the key!
(see also the Technical Description of our Data Channels)

1st column: Timestamp
Hexoskin samples some of its data at 256Hz so timestamps found in the csv file is in 256ths of a second since 12:00am 1st january 1970 GMT+000. If you want a regular Unix timestamp, simply divide the value in the first column by 256.
Each line represents a second in time. To get raw data at 1/256ths of a second, please use our API.

2nd column: Breathing Rate (breaths / minute)
This is the number of breaths per minute, calculated as the average breathing rate of the last 7 breaths.

3rd column: Heart Rate (beats / minute)
This is the heart rate in beats per minute.

4th column: Minute Ventilation (ml / minute)
This is the number of milliliters (ml) of air breathed in per minute

5th column: Cadence (steps / minute)
This is the number of steps per minute, relevant only when the activity involves walking or running.

6th column: Activity (g)
Basically we get a square root of the sum of the square of each of the accelerometer's components:
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