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How is energy/cal computed?

Robert Winkler Dec 09, 2016 02:59PM EST

So I'm a sedentary 55yo, 5'10", 210lb man for a calculated BMR (basal metabolic rate)= BMR = 1902 kCal/day = 80 kCal/hour

My Hexoskin data puts my average HR=79bpm, my average BR=12.8 and my average number of steps per day=2665. So like I said sedentary.

But my Hexoskin data puts my average calorie/hour=66419 kCal/282 hrs=235 kCal/hr. That's 3X my BMR.

How is this value for energy expenditure computed?

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Barnypok Jul 07, 2017 07:31PM EDT
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Barnypok Jul 08, 2017 05:14PM EDT
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JimmiXzSq Jul 08, 2017 10:32PM EDT
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zsyrnbwwwaw Jul 09, 2017 02:07PM EDT
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nmejdvtvfk Jul 09, 2017 02:34PM EDT
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xlqvtjjsgoe Jul 09, 2017 02:49PM EDT
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htskdyjfcf Jul 09, 2017 02:56PM EDT
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cnntkpyr Jul 09, 2017 03:23PM EDT
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tvphjrohra Jul 09, 2017 03:37PM EDT
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zdgjhlc Jul 09, 2017 03:44PM EDT
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kzejktw Jul 09, 2017 04:26PM EDT
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