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Adding Members to the Study Team (OneView Dashboard)

Once you have access to the Hexoskin OneView Dashboard, you can create studies. You will be the owner of the studies you create. This title gives you the option to add other members to the study. These people will have the same level of access to the studies as you. However, they will not be able to add anyone as a member. On the study's "Settings" page, there is a "Team" section that lists all team members. The "+" button allows you to add a member.   


Team members section on study settings page

Team Members section on the study settings page  


Please note that the person you want to add as a member must already have a Hexoskin account to access OneView. Otherwise, the request will be rejected. You will need to ask this person to create their account as explained in the "Creating an Account for OneView" article. The person added will receive an email informing them that they have been added as a member of the study.   


Of course, it is possible for you to remove a member from the team. In this case, no email is sent to the concerned person.  


NOTE: To have access to Hexoskin OneView, see the "Creating an Hexoskin Account on OneView" article.