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Can I wear the Hexoskin Shirts with clothes or does the vest come in contact with my bare skin?

The Hexoskin Smart Shirts are designed to be worn under the garments to be in full contact with the skin.

It is important to wear the Hexoskin Smart Shirts under your clothes or as the first layer in contact with your skin.

Our Hexoskin Smart Garments integrate cardiac and respiratory sensors that are precise and report continuous electrocardiography and respiratory inductance plethysmography.

Having the embedded cardiac dry electrodes in contact with the skin will ensure that the signal is readable. To improve the performance and quality of the readings and avoid noise in the signal, we recommend applying water in humid climates and during high-intensity activities or glycerin-based hand cream for long periods of wear in dry environments). The water evaporates quickly, and the recommended use is to apply hand cream on the three cardiac electrodes