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How Can I Assign a Device to a Subject (OneView Dashboard)

This article explains how you can assign a Hexoskin device to a subject created via the OneView Dashboard.

To assign a device to a subject in your study, you need to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Note the username of the subject

Whenever you create a new subject for a study, a username is automatically generated for them. This username can be found on the participant's profile. It is generated by using the following structure:

"study name" + "_" + "Subject ID"

For example, in the "Demo_Study1" study, the participant "01" has the username "demo_study1_01" as seen on the image below:

STEP 2: Make sure you are using an Hexoskin account which has the ability to assign a device to this subject 

Two types of accounts can be used to assign the device to a subject created via OneView:

1) The subject's account itself.

A subject can’t access OneSync until he/she defines it’s password. In order to define a participant’s password, you need to go to its profile, click on the key icon, enter its password, confirm it, and then click on “Change it”.   

2) The account of a study team member.

Any account displayed in the "Team" section of OneView can connect to OneSync and assign a device to a subject of the study (see image below):   

STEP 3: Assign the Hexoskin device to the subject's account via OneSync

Go to the Hexoskin OneSync software and follow the usual steps of device assignation:

a) Connect your Hexoskin device to the computer and connect yourself either using the subject's Hexoskin account or your Hexoskin account (if you are a study team member)

b) Select your connected Hexoskin device in the left hand side menu on OneSync

c) Click on the "Assign" button

d) Select the Subject account to which you want to assign your Hexoskin device   

STEP 4: Start recording!

Once the assignation is made, you can disconnect your Hexoskin device from the computer and you are ready to record. From that moment any recording session made using this Hexoskin device will be assigned to this subject until you re-assign the device to another account by following the same steps.