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How can participants synchronize their records at home? (OneView Dashboard)

To synchronize their Hexoskin data at home, participants in a study need to connect their devices to the Hexoskin OneSync software. Before recording any data, participants' device(s) must be assigned to their account. 

If the OneSync software has not been downloaded, participants can download it using the provided link for MacOS and Windows

Participants must log in to OneSync using their username and password to synchronize their data. Here’s how to find the username of a subject and how to define the password of a subject.


The username is automatically generated and can be found on the participant's profile. It follows the structure of "Study name" + "_" + "Subject ID". For example, in the "DEMO_ST" study, the participant "001" has the username "demo_st_001".


The participant’s password needs to be entered into the participant’s profile on the OneView Dashboard. Therefore, a subject can’t access OneSync until he/she defines it’s password. In order to define a participant’s password, you need to go to its profile, click on the key icon, enter its password, confirm it, and then click on “Change it”.   


Once the participant is logged into the OneSync software, they can connect their device to their computer and the synchronization of their records will automatically start.

When the record synchronization is completed, the study team members will be able to see the participant’s record on the OneView Dashboard.