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What is the "Study Team"

Learn what is the Team section on the OneView Dashboard, how to join the study team, and understand the role of the study owner with Hexoskin.

On OneView, the "Team" section lists all the study’s administrators who have access to the OneView dashboard. These members can see the subject's data and can edit the study settings.


To be added as a "Team" member, you first need to create a Hexoskin account. If you don't already have one, you can go to one.hexoskin.com, click on "Create account" and follow the steps.

Once you have a Hexoskin account, ask your study owner to add you to the study team by entering the email address associated with your Hexoskin account.

There is only one study owner per study. The study owner status is assigned by the Hexoskin Team, but it can be re-assigned to another team member afterward. 

The study owner is the only person who can add/remove people from the study team.