Care instructions for Hexoskin Shirt

Here are the Hexoskin Shirt care instructions:

Before washing:
  • You must unplug and remove the Hexoskin Device from the shirt (the Hexoskin Shirts are machine washable, but the recording Devices are not!). 
  • Put the shirt's connector back into the Side Pocket to protect it. 


  • Use the "Delicate cycle" with cold water.
  • Use half the dose recommended by the detergent manufacturer to avoid soap residues.
  • Do not use softener or bleach products.
    • Softeners are known to add a waxy film over the fabric and thus will affect the fabric performance by decreasing the moisture-wicking power of the Hexoskin Shirt over time.
    • Bleach products will damage the threads, and degrade the fabric. 
  • Avoid hand washing the Shirt as twisting and/or wringing can damage the electronic components embedded in the Shirt.

Drying & Storing:
  • Simply hang to dry.
    • The Hexoskin Shirts do not go in the dryer as the heat can heavily damage the fabric and electronic components.
  • Do not iron.
  • To avoid odours, refrain from storing your Hexoskin Shirt in a plastic bag or other sealed containers.