Charging the Hexoskin Device (computer vs wall charger) (OneSync)

To charge your Hexoskin Device, you can use the USB cable provided by plugging it into your computer or laptop (avoid using a USB hub - option 1) or use a wall charger (option 2). Please note that it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the device battery.

If you choose to use your computer to charge your Hexoskin Device (option 1), it is important to launch Hexoskin OneSync while you are charging your device. This will allow you to synchronize your data and reset your Hexoskin Device’s internal clock at the same time. This is important especially if you haven’t used your Hexoskin Device in a while or if your battery is completely depleted.

Indeed, if your device's battery is completely depleted, the internal clock will be stopped, and if the battery is recharged with a USB wall charger (option 2), the internal clock will pick up where it was left off. This can create errors related to the date and time of subsequent recordings. Therefore, it is always better to recharge your Device while synchronizing your data to our servers.