Converting the binary data exported from the Hexoskin Dashboard

Converting the Hexoskin Raw Data

Using a binary download allows you to download all your data rapidly in the Hexoskin compressed files format. The HxConvertSourceFile program allows you to convert the raw Hexoskin data to a more readable .csv format.

Downloading the HxConvertSourceFile program

Download the HxConvertSourceFile program for your operating system below:

A Matlab - load_hx_data.m and a Python - scripts are also available to open the Hexoskin raw data file directly in the Matlab and Python environment. This Python - script shows you how to use and plot Hexoskin data in Python.

These scripts are given as examples to help you with your code development.



Download your data from the new Hexoskin Dashboard from the "Records" or "Activities" tab:


Now, create one folder per participant (i.e. one folder containing all records and/or activities for the same participant, but individual folders for each and every record and/or activity). Please note that a record folder has to be named "record_XXXX" and an activity folder has to be named "range_XXXX". HxConvertSourceFile will only recognize these name tags. 

And use HxConvertSourceFile to convert your data:

  1. Launch HxConvertSourceFile.
  2. Click on the Convert tab.
  3. Choose your conversion options (to learn more about these options, please refer to the section "Converting Existing Records" in this article). 
  4. In the Data Directory, select Browse and choose the folder* that has your records. You can also choose the User_## to select all the records in that user's directory (folder). 
  5. Now, select all the records, ranges (activities) and/or user's directories you wish to convert. Click on a selected item to deselect it.
  6. Select Convert, and the conversion progress will be shown in the Execution and logging section.

To save yourself some time, you can directly download multiple records/activities at the same time and convert directly your data with the HxConvertSourceFile software (for more details refer to this link).


The HxConvertSourceFile program can be used via the command:

Mac and Ubuntu: -h

Windows: ConvertSourceFile.exe -h 

Common Issues with the Installation of the HxConvertSourceFile on macOS (13.1 Ventura)

Security settings on macOS tend to report apps like the HxConvertSourceFile as Malware. The first time that you open the downloaded application, a window will notify you with this message: ''HxConvertSourceFile'' cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified''.

This is due to security settings set to prevent apps that are not authenticated outside of the Mac App Store. You can simply click Cancel, to close the Window and follow the steps below to allow the app to open in your Security settings. Do not select Move to Trash, this will be important for the steps below. If you select Move to Trash, you will need to download again the HxConvertSourceFile program.

Changing security settings to allow applications downloaded from unidentified developers.

First, open System Settings and follow the steps below:

  1. On the left column, locate the Privacy & Security settings
  2. Scroll down until the Security settings. You will see the message "HxConvertSourceFile" was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer. 
  3. Click Open Anyway

Depending on your settings, you might need to authenticate on your Mac. Then another window could appear asking you if you are sure to open the HxConvertSourceFile app. Confirm by clicking Open. HxConvertSourceFile should now open.