Hexoskin iOS App - Pairing Old & New Hexoskin Device

Pairing your Hexoskin Classic or Hexoskin Smart with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (M1, M2, M3 Generations)

With the latest update to the Hexoskin iOS App, we have added a new pairing feature that lets you complete all the pairing steps within the App itself. You can also easily manage and switch between multiple Devices all within the Hexoskin App; no need to go back and forth between the phone/tablet's Bluetooth settings and the App. 

*Some important things to note:

A) Do the initial pairing steps while the Device is not recording (i.e. not attached to the shirt, 2nd orange LED should be off). The Device cannot be placed in Pairing Mode when a recording is underway. 

B) Make sure that you have the latest version of the Hexoskin App available on the Apple Store. Once you install the latest update for the Hexoskin App, the pairing steps need to be completed from the beginning. If you had already paired a Hexoskin Device to your phone before this update, please go to your phone's Bluetooth settings, locate your HX-0000 Device and select "Forget this device" before following the steps below:

Steps to Connect your Hexoskin Device (Classic or Smart)


To connect your Hexoskin Device (Classic or Smart), follow these steps: 

1. Open your Hexoskin App and log in with your Hexoskin account
2. One connected, a new screen will appear and offer you to add a new device and start the pairing process.

For Hexoskin Smart Devices (serial 42000 to 99999): 

If you just got your new Hexoskin Device, select the Hexoskin Smart Device on top of the options.

For Hexoskin Classic devices (serial < 42000):  

To pair a new Hexoskin Classic Device, select the SN: 01000 - 41999 option.



3. Follow the instructions on-screen and place your Hexoskin Device in pairing mode (hold the button for 5 seconds until the blue light turns on). You don't need to press longer when the blue light appears. 

4. The device serial number should appear in the list under "Discovered Hexoskin device".

5. When your Device appears in the list, select it to continue the pairing.



6. A "Bluetooth Pairing Request" notification will appear. Select the option "Pair".



7. The status will change to "Connecting". 

8. Wait for the confirmation message that your Device is properly configured.




9. The status will change to connected and your device will now be listed under the Paired devices.

Once the pairing steps are complete, your App should display the Home screen.

 When you launch a record by attaching the Hexoskin Device to your Shirt (the second LED will turn on), the blue LED on your Device will flicker rapidly to signal that it is communicating with the App. On the Hexoskin App, your metrics will be displayed in real-time. 

For any issues with the pairing steps, you can consult this troubleshooting article: Pairing Problems with my Hexoskin Device.

Please contact us if you encounter issues.