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How are my Hexoskin data kept secure? (OneSync)

Hexoskin is committed to the guiding principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), to which the company has been successfully audited.

For privacy and confidentiality purposes, Carré Technologies (Hexoskin) data can be anonymized with restricted access. Hexoskin uses the latest industry standards for data encryption and security for the secured transmission, storage, and retrieval of your data. All data is encrypted end to end from its collection and storage on the recording Device up until the upload to the Hexoskin Servers using AES. In fact, during data synchronization, communication to the Hexoskin Servers (private servers and cloud architecture) is achieved through an encrypted SSL connection. In short, data is stored encrypted on your computer and then transmitted with the software Hexoskin OneSync on a secure HTTPS port to the Hexoskin Servers. Hexoskin provides access to its standard Cloud data hosting solution (hosted on AWS) and an open API that allows the processing and further analysis of the data derived from the raw signals.

From your Dashboard, it is possible to share your data with a third party or with the Hexoskin Support Team (for support purposes), this access must be initiated by you and can be revoked at any time. 

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.