How much do the Hexoskin Smart Device and Hexoskin Shirts weigh?

We explain in this article the dimensions and weight of the Hexoskin Smart Device, Hexoskin Smart Shirts, and Hexoskin ProShirts

The Hexoskin Smart Shirts, ProShirts, and Hexoskin Smart products were designed to be lightweight and durable. Please refer to the table below to find the weight of each item for your convenience.

Unit Hexoskin Smart Device  Hexoskin Smart Shirt Hexoskin ProShirt
Weight [kg] 0.04 0.15 0.2
Weight [oz] 1.41 oz 5.29 7.05
Dimensions [cm] 13 x 42 x 72 mm 20x22x4 20x22x3
Dimensions [In] 0.53" x 1.632" x 2.814" 7.9"x8.6"x1.6" 7.9"x8.6"x1.2"