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Keep Your Hexoskin Data Offline

In this article, we review the local decoding features available with the Hexoskin OneSync Software to keep the data collected with Hexoskin Offline.

Implications Of Keeping Your Data Offline:

It's possible to avoid sending your data to the Hexoskin server, but before you decide to do so, it's important to know that you won't have access to all the data processed on our server. This means you won't have access to all the adjusted metrics* (using the user profile), some filtered data points (NN intervals, HRV metrics), and all the sleep metrics. These items can only be retrieved by synchronizing your data to our server**.

Data not going through the Hexoskin server can also be slightly less precise.


* Adjusted metrics are the following: energy_mifflin_keytel, tidal_volume_adjusted and minute_ventilation_adjusted. 

** "Raw" data can also be used in Vivosense and/or Kubios software to calculate different metrics which are usually provided by the Hexoskin processing such as the HRV (see Vivosense or Kubios).   


The following table shows all the data that are available when you decide to not send it to our server:



Respiratory sensors


Acceleration (X, Y, Z)

ECG (Lead I)

Breathing Rate



Heart Rate

Breathing Rate Quality



Heart Rate Quality Minute Ventilation

Data Loss

Step   Resp Temp Device Status
    Resp Abdominal  
    Respiration Thoracic  
    Tidal Volume  


How to keep your data offline:

To keep your data offline, you need to configure your Preferences in the Hexoskin OneSync software exactly as shown in the image below before uploading any record.

To keep your data offline, you should configure your Preferences in the Hexoskin OneSync software correctly before connecting your Hexoskin device to your computer. Follow these steps in Hexoskin OneSync:


1. Click on "Preferences" in the top left-hand corner to open a pop-up menu with four options.

2. Activate the option "Enable local timeline decoding feature. Warning, decoded data using this feature will not be encrypted."

3. Activate the option "Start to automatically STORE records when a recorder is connected to your computer."

4. Deactivate the option "Start to automatically SYNC when available on your computer" if you don't want your records to be sent to the servers. This option is useful for researchers or those who want to protect sensitive data.

5. Click on the "Close" button in the Preferences window.

6. Connect your Hexoskin device to your computer to start storing and decoding your data locally only.

7. Wait until the storing is 100% complete and you see the record's status turning to "Ready for sync."

8. To access your record's data, right-click on the record that you want to open and click on "Open location" to have access to the raw data of your recording.

You can utilize the locally decoded records in two ways:

1. Convert the .wav files into .csv files using HxConvertSourceFile.

2. Open a Hexoskin .wav file directly in Pycharm3 or Anaconda (Python), or in the Matlab environment.

Please note that Hexoskin does not currently provide any further resources or code to analyze your locally decoded records.



    1. An internet connection is required to log into the software, afterward, the data can be obtained locally without an internet connection.
    2. The records that you store locally on your computer won't be accessible through the Hexoskin Dashboard. The mobile app can be used as usual during your recordings.
    3. The data will be available locally on your computer without any encryption. If you use a shared computer or compromised computer, your Hexoskin biometric data will be accessible.