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What are the differences between Hexoskin and Astroskin?

About the Hexoskin & Astroskin Platforms

The Hexoskin & Astroskin platforms are two end-to-end platforms designed to support continuous remote monitoring of vital signs. Our two platforms follow the same principles by offering access to both raw data via our open API and processed data in reports, dashboards, and apps. The signal quality is also accessible for every record performed with our solutions. Our Astroskin & Hexoskin platforms are completed with SDK license options for academic, research, government, and organizations to develop apps with access to real-time metrics from the Astroskin or Hexoskin data recorders. 

All Hexoskin & Astroskin Shirts include several textile-embedded sensors and are machine washable. Our smart shirts are tested for over 50 wash cycles and have been iterated and tested independently by thousands of clients globally since 2012.

Hexoskin and Astroskin shirts are made with an advanced technical textile with antibacterial properties that eliminate odours. The textile has UV protection and is breathable. The Hexoskin & Astroskin Shirts are hung to dry and will dry quickly. The textile is very comfortable, light, and stretchable. Every Hexoskin and Astroskin Smart Shirt is made in Canada with a comfortable Italian fabric.


Hexoskin Features

The Hexoskin platform is the most accessible platform to collect continuous cardiac, respiratory, activity, and sleep metrics. Hexoskin reports several heart metrics (Heart Rate Variability, QRS Complex, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery) from a continuous 1-lead Electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) textile sensors, along with respiratory metrics (Breathing rate, Minute Ventilation, Tidal Volume, Inspiration & Expiration events) with dual Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography sensors, and activity & sleep metrics (Activity, Step, Cadence, Device position, several sleep metrics) with a 3-axis accelerometer.

The Hexoskin platform provides a selection of industry-leading smart clothes for women, men, and children. The Hexoskin Shirts are packed with features that make them reusable while ensuring comfort and portability.

Hexoskin offers a customizable solution that can be tailored to any needs and type of use from sports, performance, remote health monitoring, industrial projects, and academic and clinical research. Hexoskin is a solution widely used for health monitoring deployments, industrial research and development, and scientific research with over 150 scientific validations and publications generated with the platform and hundreds of ongoing projects.

Hexoskin offers advanced features and capabilities for Real-Time visualization of health metrics and activities on the Hexoskin App. The Hexoskin Smart can record >42,000 data points per minute and allows for over 100 days of loop raw data recording capabilities. The Smart includes Bluetooth Low Energy which allows for real-time data visualization on our Hexoskin Apps, compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Hexoskin Smart also allows developers to leverage our SDK licenses to access the raw data from the Hexoskin Smart Clothing to develop applications.


Comparison Between Hexoskin and Astroskin

Astroskin Features

Astroskin is the most advanced and portable health monitor on Earth and in Space! It allows the continuous monitoring of the Five Vital Signs over two days (48 hours) on a single charge. Astroskin comes in light and easy-to-wear Shirts for Men and Women. The Astroskin shirts come with adjustable bands that are placed to keep the textile-embedded sensors closer to the body for optimal signal quality.

The system comes with an optional headband (with a PPG/and SpO2 sensor), which connects to the Astroskin Shirt that includes cardiac, respiratory, and skin temperature sensors, and the Astroskin Data Recorder for recording and transmitting the data to an app (iOS, iPadOS).

Astroskin generates thousands of data points per minute. It is a very precise tool to monitor vital signs continuously. The Astroskin Shirts are built with 4-textile embedded electrodes which report a continuous 3-lead ECG (RR Intervals, QRS Complex, Heart Rate). The Astroskin shirts also include two Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP) (Breathing rate, Minute Ventilation, Tidal Volume, Inspiration & Expiration events) that are similar to our Hexoskin Smart clothing Sensors built around the body.

Astroskin offers an option to add to the system a Pulse Oximeter, which is placed in a headband that connects to the Astroskin Shirt. It reports Oxygen Saturation along with Photoplethysmography (PPG) and Heart rate every second. Astroskin leverages the ECG & Pulse Oximeter sensors to calculate and report every second a continuous measure of Systolic Blood Pressure. This is done by using a technique called Pulse Transit Time Computation. A 3-axis accelerometer (Activity, Step, Cadence, Device position) is embedded in the Astroskin recording device, which is located in the side pocket. Finally, we integrated a skin temperature sensor to remain as much as possible a non-invasive solution for longitudinal wear. 

One of the main features of the Astroskin is that it is light and portable. The Astroskin Device records over 69,000 data points per minute while allowing 400 hours of loop raw data recording capabilities. Astroskin can also record 48 hours of continuous data on a single charge. The Bluetooth (2.1) connectivity allows for visualizing the Astroskin health metrics in real time.

Astroskin provides a complete end-to-end platform that includes the Astroskin App for iPhone and iPad for activity recordings and real-time data visualization. It also offers software for data synchronization and a Dashboard for data visualization and export of the raw data in the most common formats. The platform is completed with access to an open API and free data hosting

Astroskin also provides SDK & Licensing Options for Developers & Organizations with stringent security requirements.


Let's Get To Know Each Other

To learn more about the capabilities of Hexoskin & Astroskin, visit our Hexoskin Website. Hexoskin also supports researchers and organizations with tailored programs to provide all the support you need to plan your project and get started. This is why hundreds of world-class universities, government agencies, and companies are choosing Hexoskin to conduct evidence-based research, monitoring programs and develop new applications with our industry-leading smart clothing solutions. Contact our team today to start planning your next project. Our team will be happy to support you in your decision by sharing all the information required and providing a quote based on our programs for academic researchers & students, and professionals.