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What is a sleep stage during a sleep activity?

The Hexoskin-validated sleep algorithm is based on documented physiological characteristics observed in the different sleep states.

The Hexoskin decision tree algorithm automatically classifies sleep into three vigilance states: Wake, NREM sleep, and REM sleep. All three sleep stages will be shown on your Hexoskin App after data synchronization.

On the Hexoskin Dashboard, you may also view all the sleep-related metrics. By selecting a sleep activity of your choice, you will find the sleep phases in the “Charts” section, under “Processed Data” tab, and by selecting the “Sleep phases” tab. A histogram of the sleep phases as well as of all the other metrics can be revealed by clicking on “Show histograms”.

If you import your data in binary format, you will find the transitions between the sleep stages in the file named “sleep_phase.csv”. To decipher the sleep phases, please refer to this documentation under "sleepphase".


If you wish to learn more about Hexoskin sleep assessment, you can contact our Support Team at support@hexoskin.com to request our White Paper entitled "Monitoring Sleep with Hexoskin".