Accuracy of the heart rate measured with Hexoskin

Hexoskin shirt is equipped with 3 cardiac sensors and provides a 1-lead ECG.


The heart rate is calculated from the ECG based on the average over the last 16 beats and output to the data file at 1 Hz. The range of the heart rate detection is 30-220 bpm (beats per minute).


Based on both internal and external validation studies, the HR as measured by Hexoskin versus standard laboratory ECG monitors does not show any significant differences. 

A validation study from Villar et al. (2015) shows that there were no significant differences between HR from the Hexoskin and the standard laboratory ECG (ECG module, Finometer, Finapres Medical Systems, Arnhem, the Netherlands, collected at 1k Hz) during lying, sitting, standing, and walking conditions.


The HR showed low variability in measured values, a small error, and good consistency between the two methods, with the Bland-Altman plot analyses showing very small deviations of the mean value from zero across all conditions and 95% limits of agreement of -3.2 and +2.9 bpm.