Device "Not recording" or "Idle" on my Hexoskin Mobile App

When using the Hexoskin mobile app, after pairing the device to your phone or tablet, the Hexoskin App will display the Device's status: if the Device is not recording you will see the status "idle" or "not recording"; the battery level of your Device will also be displayed along with the firmware and hardware versions. 

When connecting your Device to your Shirt, the status of your Device should be "recording" and your data should be visible on the Hexoskin App. If the App is still displaying the status "not recording", verify the following elements: 

  1. Make sure your Device is correctly assigned to your account (use Hexoskin OneSync on your computer if using the Hexoskin Device for the first time).
  2. Make sure the Device is properly connected to your Shirt, the Connector should be fully inserted and should stick out slightly on the other side. The top orange LED should be either turned on as solid light or blinking and the middle orange LED should be solid.
  3. Make sure your Device is sufficiently charged; if it has a low battery it will not record. 
  4. Close (quit) and reopen your Hexoskin App to force a refresh.  


If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support Team at