Getting access to data via Bluetooth without having to go through the API

Hexoskin Smart BLE demo allows you to create your own application with the Hexoskin Smart device to view few Hexoskin data in real-time via Bluetooth. In fact, the Hexoskin Smart BLE demo allows you to stream in real-time the following data:

  • heartrate
  • rrinterval
  • breathingrate
  • inspiration
  • expiration
  • step
  • cadence
  • activity

You will find all the documentation related to developing with the Hexoskin Smart on our website under the “Real-Time Data over Bluetooth" section on our Developers page or by following the link).

Please see below useful information to support developers to develop projects with the Hexoskin Smart.


Buy the Hexoskin Smart

You can buy the Hexoskin Smart on our Hexoskin Online Store.

Hexoskin offers programs for large orders. For more information, contact us at to discuss your project.


Hexoskin SMART

Hexoskin Bluetooth Smart Specifications: Download PDF Document



We recommend using the public projects on Bitbucket to develop a quick demo with the Hexoskin Smart: Bitbucket - Hexoskin Smart Demo


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