Hexoskin App Troubleshooting (iOS and Android)

This article will cover some situations that might occur while using the mobile app. 


It's important to note that the mobile app is not required to record data


Your Hexoskin device can be configured with the sync software (computer) and will start recording data as soon as it is plugged into the shirt. The second LED (orange) will be active to signal that the device is actively recording data. At this point, the app serves as a window to see the raw data channels and add tag some activities and annotations.

Initial Pairing

To begin, it's important to note that the initial pairing steps need to be completed while the Hexoskin device is not actively recording data (the device cannot be plugged into the shirt). 


See these articles for the detailed pairing steps: 

Hexoskin iOS App - Pairing old & new device

Hexoskin Android App - Pairing old & new device


After successfully completing the pairing steps once, these steps will never be required again unless using a different phone or tablet. 


Reconnecting to Hexoskin Device

When the device is not in use (not charging or recording data), it will go to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity. When the device is sleeping, all the lights will be OFF. The app will also display "searching for device", this is normal. 


To reconnect your Hexoskin device to your phone, you simply need to wake it up by either: 

- pressing once on the button 


- plugging the device to your computer


- plugging the device to your shirt (it will start recording). 


The device's LEDs will come on and if your phone is in range with the app open, the device should connect right away (this can take a few seconds).

When the Hexoksin device is properly connected, you should be able to see its details in the "Devices" menu (battery %, firmware, hardware, etc.)


Reconnection/Refresh Issues

When attempting to reconnect your Hexoskin device to your phone by following the steps above, the app might sometimes still display "searching for device". Similarly, if you start a record, the app might show your device as "not recording" even though the device's second LED is "on" and the blue light is flickering. 

This is a timeout that usually happens when the app is open for a long time. Normally the app will log you out when this happens, but some settings in your phone can prevent this from happening. 

If your device's state does not refresh on the app, simply quit/close the app and reopen it. You can also manually log out and log back in but these steps are longer than simply closing the app. 


App Login and Timeline ("Unable to Refresh Timeline") 

Every time you open or log into the app, the Timeline section will refresh to display your most recent activities and data. There will be a loading message on the home screen, this is when the app will try to connect to our server to retrieve your latest data. 

This step is highly dependent on your internet connection, if it takes too long to retrieve your latest activities, the app will display an error message "server took too long to respond" or "unable to refresh Timeline". 


Please note this will not affect your ability to record data, you can always manually go to the Timeline section and manually refresh your history (pull down and release).