Hexoskin open API

Here at Hexoskin we strongly encourage developers to use Hexoskin data with third-party software and hardware. Spread the word!

The Hexoskin web (REST) API reference is located here:



The API returns JSON formatted data, it supports OAuth. If you need OAuth you’ll need to create an account here first:



A demo client was written in Python is available here, but you are free to use any HTTP-compatible programming language:


To use the Python demo client, you must add your keys at the beginning of the script file "example.py"


Testing with sample data

If you wish to test the API with sample data, please contact our Support Team at support@hexoskin.com.


You have access to all data from this account using the API, including the raw, non-filtered signals, raw 3D acceleration, signal quality channels, etc.

We strongly encourage you to order a kit so you can test it during your development with your own data.