Hexoskin Real-Time Data Streaming Options (BLE and SDK) (OneSync)

Our Hexoskin platform was designed to allow for 3rd party integration. There are different options available depending on the scope of the desired integration. One thing to keep in mind is that the data obtained in real-time will mainly be the "raw" data; the metrics that require processing (calories, Sleep, all "adjusted" metrics, HRV) are only returned after synchronization with Hexoskin OneSync. We have many resources and guidance documents on our developer's page; we do not provide any direct support for your app development but we do offer a paid bank of hours with one of our developers. Contact sales@hexoskin.com for any requests. 


1) Using the Bluetooth BLE

Our Hexoskin Smart Devices (serial numbers >42000) have a Bluetooth BLE chip, which makes it an ideal candidate to connect to any third-party app on any operating system capable of receiving data over the BLE connection. This option is free and no special firmware is required. This option only offers real-time streaming of a selection of processed data, including breathing rate, inspiration, expiration, heart rate, RR interval, step count, cadence and activity (no raw data). To learn more about the Bluetooth BLE Demo App, please contact our team via this contact form.

To start your BLE project, please refer to this link: https://bitbucket.org/carre/hexoskin-smart-demo.


2) Using the Hexoskin SDK

We do have an SDK available (currently only for Android) for developers wishing to have access to the complete library of raw Hexoskin metrics. The SDK allows real-time transmission from both the Hexoskin Smart and Classic Devices. To learn more about the various metrics and the number of channels that can be streamed in real-time from each Device (i.e. Classic vs Smart), please contact our team via this contact form.

Please note that there will be integration costs and an annual license fee for the SDK; we also provide a bank of hours with one of our developers to help with the integration (no development services).