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How much does Hexoskin cost?

Hexoskin offers a customizable solution for every need. The Hexoskin Kits All our Hexoskin Kits include a Hexoskin Shirt, the Hexoskin Smart, and a USB cable. See the information on the Hexoskin prices and how to purchase.

Hexoskin Smart Clothing Collection & Pricing

Our Hexoskin Smart Clothing collection includes two variants that can be coupled and interchanged with any Hexoskin Smart recorder. All Hexoskin shirts are machine-washable and made in Canada from quality Italian fabrics. 

Hexoskin Smart Kits & ProKits

Our Hexoskin products and kits can be purchased on our Online Store and range between USD 598 for the Hexoskin Smart Kit and USD 648 for the Hexoskin Pro Kit.

Visit our Online Store or contact our Hexoskin Team to order.

Hexoskin Smart Shirt

The Hexoskin Smart Shirt for Men, Women, Children, or Teenagers is our classic Smart Shirt. It is a good option for most activities and received many iterations over the years to ensure precision and comfort. Our Hexoskin Smart Shirts are USD 199. Visit our Online Store to purchase.

Hexoskin ProShirt

We also designed the Hexoskin Pro Shirt, a new smart Shirt aimed for longitudinal wear and improved reliability and comfort. Hexoskin ProShirt is our most popular smart clothing and can withstand the most demanding and extreme activities performed by doctors and healthcare professionals, miners, athletes, police, firefighters, and first responders. Our Hexoskin ProShirts are sold for USD 249. Visit our Online Store to purchase.

Hexoskin Smart Device

The Hexoskin Smart coupled with the Hexoskin Smart Shirts & ProShirts monitors physiological data, with unparalleled precision, quality, and durability. The Hexoskin Smart device can be paired with any Hexoskin Smart Shirts and Hexoskin Pro Shirts. It is also compatible with iOS and Android, as well as Apple Health App, Apple Watch, and Wear OS. Each Hexoskin Smart device can be purchased separately for USD 399. Visit our Online Store to purchase.

Purchasing Hexoskin Directly from our Sales Team

Since 2012, Hexoskin has supported thousands of clients with end-to-end and flexible solutions to fit all their needs and bring new capabilities for leading research and projects.

Contact our team to discuss how Hexoskin can support you with tailored solutions to reach your objectives.

Hexoskin + Program For Researchers & Professionals 

Hexoskin supports students, researchers, and professionals by providing all the support they need to spend less time planning their projects. We crafted a program called Hexoskin + that offers perks and discounts for our clients & and partners who work every day on cutting-edge projects and research. 

Our Hexoskin + Research program aims to support student and academic researchers every step of the way. We also support professionals and innovative companies with our program Hexoskin + Professionals.

Reach out to our team to get a quote and start planning your next breakthrough!Hexoskin Plus Program - Get Quote