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I run on Windows 10 and I get a compatibility error where my Hexoskin Device is not being recognized by my PC. Why is that?

If you are using Windows 10 on a new computer or on a corporate network (high security), the driver for the Hexoskin device might not be installed properly the first time you plug it into your PC.

This will result in a blank screen when viewing your Hexoskin OneSync software.

The steps to correct this are easy, please see below:

  1. Make sure you only have the Hexoskin Device connected to your computer (unplug all other USB devices except your keyboard and mouse)
  2. Go to the Windows menu (bottom left of screen), then to Settings (gear icon above the power), then to the Devices menu 
  3. Look for an unidentified peripheral COM(1,2,3,4,5) 
  4. Select this device and click on remove
  5. Once uninstalled, unplug the Hexoskin Device from your computer then plug it back.
  6. Your device should now appear in Hexoskin OneSync automatically. 

Please note the uninstall step will require admin privileges, check with your organization's IT department if needed. If using a brand new Hexoskin Device, once it is visible in Hexoskin OneSync make sure to follow the steps to assign the Hexoskin Device to your account before starting a recording session. 

If you require any help with these steps, contact our Support Team at support@hexoskin.com.  


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