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Navigating Hexoskin OneSync software

The Hexoskin OneSync software will allow you to sync the records from your Hexoskin and Astroskin devices, from one single interface and is compatible with macOS and Windows operating systems. This software is replacing the older HxServices software but will function in the same way. To download the software, visit our website https://www.hexoskin.com/pages/downloads, under the "SYNC SOFTWARE" section or click on these download links: Hexoskin OneSync for MacOs or Hexoskin OneSync for Windows. Be sure to allow all permissions. This article will cover the different functions of the interface. 


Hexoskin OneSync Main Page

The lefthand panel (1) will show your Device(s) along with their information, such as the account currently assigned to the Device (A), the number of sessions (B), Device status, etc. 


The center panel (2) displays different operations that can be executed on your Device via the Hexoskin OneSync platform.


A) The "Update" button allows you to update your Device's firmware version. Normally, a popup will appear when an update is available; it's essential to always use the latest firmware version as we regularly add features and correct issues. Failure to update your firmware can cause problems with your data synchronization.

B) The "Restore" button erases all data stored on your device and restores it to its default settings. All previously synced sessions will remain stored locally on your computer. Before doing this, please make sure that you have no data recorded on your Device that you haven't synchronized yet. 

C) The "Erase" button allows you to delete selected records from the Device.

D) The "Identify" button will make the Device's LEDs flash once (a useful feature when multiple Devices are connected to the computer).

E) The "Assign" button allows you to assign users to Devices before recording sessions. This is where you can log in with your Hexoskin/Astroskin account or log out to switch accounts if using more than one Device. 


The "Preferences" button (3) opens a pop-up menu that lets you change some of the settings for the Hexoskin OneSync software. 

On this screen, you can toggle the options related to the automatic startup of Hexoskin Onesync and the local decoding of raw recording data.

The "Support" button (4) should only be accessed if you require any support with your device (i.e. if you see an error message when syncing a session). We strongly recommend enabling the logging of the Onesync processes for troubleshooting purposes. When contacting support, we might ask you to send us the logs, this can be done by selecting the "Prepare logs" options. This will create a .zip folder on your desktop which you can send to us by email.

Before starting to record data with your Hexoskin or Astroskin, make sure to assign your device to your account, this way the data will be sent to your account and processed using your profile details (height, weight, age, etc.). 

When you encounter any issues, please contact our Support Team at support@hexoskin.com.