Pairing Problems with my Hexoskin Device

Instructions to troubleshoot the most common Hexoskin Device pairing issues and problems.

Most Common Pairing Issues and Problems

Make sure that you have the most updated software

Go to SettingsGeneral - Software Update and make sure that it indicates that your software is up to date on your smartphone or tablet

Make sure that you have the most updated Hexoskin App.

We update very frequently our Hexoskin App to follow system software updates and correct issues. You can check on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to make sure that you have the most recent update of our app.

You can also turn on the automatic update of apps in iOS and iPad OS. Go to Settings - App Store. Under "AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS", turn on "App Updates'' to automatically install new app updates.

The battery of the Hexoskin Device could be discharged

Charging the Smart for at least 90-120 minutes could solve the problem. You can also charge it with your computer and with OneSync open, but it is not mandatory. It would synchronize your data at the same time. If you experience a sync issue, please send the logs to us: Sending logs to Hexoskin Support

The battery of the Hexoskin Device is not the issue AND previous pairings were successful

If the battery was not the issue, and you succeeded in the past in pairing your Hexoskin device, we recommend forgetting the Hexoskin Device on all mobile devices previously paired. Go to your Bluetooth settings - Locate the Hexoskin Recorder from the list (starts with HX followed by a series of 0 and your device serial number). Press on the "i" beside the "Not Connected" status, then tap Forget Device on the next screen. You can now start over with the Bluetooth pairing steps

The battery of the Hexoskin Device is not the issue AND previous pairings were successful OR have never been successful

Bluetooth can be capricious sometimes depending on the phone or tablet and the generation used. You might also try to simply power off your phone or tablet completely, turn it back on, and try again. Follow the steps to pair your Device with your phone or tablet.

Make sure that you hold the button on the Hexoskin Device for at least 5 seconds (until the blue LED turns and stays on, no other LED should be on during the pairing process) to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your device. Also, make sure that for this step your Hexoskin Device is not connected to your computer or your Hexoskin Shirt.

Reset your Hexoskin Device to factory settings (last resort)

In the unfortunate event that nothing works, the last resort would be to reset your Hexoskin Device to the factory settings by following these steps:

  1. Please make sure to sync any data previously recorded before proceeding with these instructions as they will be erased definitively once the restoration to factory settings is completed.
  2. Connect your Hexoskin Device to your computer with the USB Cable.
  3. Log in to Hexoskin OneSync.
  4. Click on your connected Device (on the left menu).
  5. Click on "Restore".

Caution: Please note that clicking on "Restore" will erase all of the data stored on the Device. So, before doing this, please make sure that you have no data recorded on your Device that you haven't synchronized yet. 

Once this is done, you will have to unpair the Hexoskin Device with your phone (see instructions above to forget your Hexoskin Device in the Bluetooth settings. Then pair it again using the regular Bluetooth pairing steps (Android / Apple).

Also, make sure there is only one mobile device (i.e. phone or tablet) that communicates to your Hexoskin Device.