Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality of Participants Registered in Clinical Trials using Hexoskin

Hexoskin proposes products and solutions developed in Canada that are private by design. Hexoskin is committed to the guiding principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), to which the company has been successfully audited.


Data Collection with Hexoskin Smart Shirts
Multidimensional Hexoskin-derived biometrics are collected via the use of the Smart Shirt. Axes of investigation in clinical trials include cardiac, respiratory, and activity endpoints. To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the data of your participants, Hexoskin advises against capturing the name of the participant. An alternative identification method often used is to generate a participant study number that is only possible to de-anonymize with a decoding system only accessible to the research team or study administrators with access privileges, managed outside of the Hexoskin Platform.

The gender and age of the participants are important for some metrics reported by the Hexoskin platform, but the complete date of birth (DOB) is not required; simply the year of birth would suffice. The month of birth can be entered if you feel that this information would not reveal the participant's identity. Hexoskin advises against capturing the day of birth on its platform.

The participant's height and weight should be taken carefully in order to determine the correct Shirt size as well as for the calculations of certain Hexoskin metrics.

The GPS data can potentially compromise the security or privacy of your participants. The Hexoskin Device does not have a GPS of its own. GPS data is not collected directly on the Hexoskin Device, but on the smartphone or tablet when the Hexoskin Device is paired via Bluetooth. It is possible in the smartphone or tablet settings to deactivate this functionality and not use the GPS. To learn how, please refer to this link.