Settings Tab on the Dashboard

On the Hexoskin Dashboard, there is a tab titled "Settings" that allows you to manage the information of your account and the views to be displayed.

Under My Profile, click on Info and you will have access to your demographic information associated with your account. This information is crucial to the calculations of different metrics by Hexoskin. Make sure that they are accurate. Also, this is where you can update your weight over time if you are following a diet for example. You will be able to track the progression of your weight loss in the "Health Status" tab. In a research setting, the demographic information can be input differently to respect participant privacy and confidentiality (please refer to "Managing multiple users for a research project" in the Articles Section). 

Under My Profile, click on Account and you will have access to the credentials associated with your account.

Under My Profile, click on Password and you will be able to change your password.

Under Preferences, you can activate or deactivate the different views that are displayed on your Dashboard. To save your preferences, click on "Update My Preferences".