Download and Access the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform Software and Dashboards.

Hexoskin provides a wide range of tools and software accessible online or available to download.

Downloading Hexoskin OneSync

You must download the Hexoskin OneSync software to synchronize your data to the Hexoskin servers. If not done yet, visit, section "SYNC SOFTWARE" or select your operating system for Hexoskin OneSync with the download links that follow: MacOS or Windows). The software Hexoskin OneSync is free of charge.

Download and Convert your Data from Multiple Records with HxConvertSource File

You can also use HxConvertSourceFile to download and convert (if needed) data from multiple records simultaneously. 

HxConvertSourceFile software can be downloaded here:

Accessing your Data Online with the Hexoskin Dashboard

Once the synchronization is completed with Hexoskin OneSync, you can export, visualize, and analyze your data from the Hexoskin Dashboard (

Managing Projects and Studies with the Hexoskin OneView Clinical Dashboard

The Hexoskin OneView clinical dashboard is an all-in-one solution for streamlined data monitoring of digital biomarkers.

OneView - Request DemoOneView expands possibilities with the Hexoskin Smart Clothing for professional projects, research, and clinical studies. Request a demo today to unlock the benefits of Hexoskin OneView for your projects or studies!