What are the Steps to Follow to Start Recording Data?

Follow the steps below to get started with your data collection

1) Create a user account

See this tutorial for Creating a Hexoskin account.

If more than one person will be using the Hexoskin, each person should have their own dedicated account. See this tutorial for tips on managing multiple users for a research project.


2) Download the Hexoskin OneSync software 

This free software can be found in the App Store (Mac or Windows).


3) Plug your device into your computer

Use the provided USB cable to connect your Device to your computer, the first LED (orange) will flash. Allow 1-2 hours to fully charge the Device.


4) Assign your account to the device

See this tutorial to assign your account to the Device, the data that will be recorded will be saved and processed with your account information. 


5) Put on your smart shirt

Now is the time to Put on your Shirt. Make sure to wear the Shirt directly on your skin, and remove all other undergarments and bras. Once the Shirt is on your body, you can apply conductive cream on the cardiac sensors to improve the ECG quality measured from the Shirt. The Shirt must fit snugly to record good-quality data, you can fasten the elastic bands over the Shirt to adjust the fit as needed. 


6) Pair the device with the mobile app (optional)

The initial pairing between the Hexoskin App and Device needs to take place before recording data. The steps are detailed in the tutorial for the Hexoskin App - Pairing Hexoskin Device. The Hexoskin App is not required in order to record data, however, it allows you to see the data in real-time and make annotations. Once the pairing steps are completed once, you can reconnect to your Device simply by opening the app and bringing the phone in range with the Device. See this article for more information: Hexoskin App Troubleshooting (iOS and Android)


7) Launch the recording session

Open the Side Pocket of your Shirt, grab the Connector and plug the Hexoskin Device. The second LED on the device will turn on to signal that it is actively recording. You can now place the Device into the Side Pocket and zip it shut. 


8) End the recording session

To end the recording session, simply open the Side Pocket, remove the Device and disconnect the Shirt Connector. The device's 2nd LED will turn off to signal that the recording has stopped. You can place the Shirt Connector back into the Side Pocket and zip it shut. 


You can now plug your device back into your computer to sync the data or repeat step 7 to continue recording more data. See this support article for more information on how to synchronize your records to the Hexoskin server and access it from your dashboard: Synchronizing and accessing my data after a recording session (OneSync)