Using Hexoskin without Hexoskin App on the phone or tablet

You can use your Hexoskin without a phone or a tablet. Your Hexoskin Device will passively record your activities. You can then transfer your data to your computer using the provided USB cable.

Hexoskin mobile app allows the visualization in real-time of certain metrics (heart rate, activity, minute ventilation and respiratory rate). In addition, it is possible to contextualize the data being recorded and add annotations during the recording session.

Please note that GPS data is provided by your phone or tablet, so the Hexoskin mobile app is required for this type of data.

But you can use your Hexoskin without the mobile app. Once the Hexoskin Device is connected to the Hexoskin Shirt, the data will be recorded passively. To access your data after a recording session, you must then synchronize the data stored on your Hexoskin Device to our servers. Your data will then be available on the Hexoskin Dashboard at