Using more than one phone or tablet to visualize data

You should only use one mobile device (phone or tablet) at a time to view your data using a Hexoskin App. When you use different mobile devices, you should make sure you are logged in under the correct profile or you may run the risk of having the data recorded and lost under a different profile.

In fact, the Hexoskin App has the ability to reassign the Hexoskin Device in use to the account under which you log into the Hexoskin App, despite that you have assigned this same Device to another account beforehand. For example, you have assigned your Device to John Doe's account, but you log into the Hexoskin App with Jane Doe's account. The Hexoskin Application will reassign your Device to John Doe. And when you synchronize your data, the recording will be saved under the profile of Jane Doe and not under John Doe's account.