Wearing Hexoskin under sport equipment

You can wear your Hexoskin Shirt under your equipment during sports practice. Hexoskin was designed to withstand real-life situations, including contact sports.

For women, it is not recommended to wear a bra or a sports bra under your Hexoskin shirt at all times, since it will interfere with the cardiac and respiratory sensors at the chest level.

Please note that you can have real-time access to your data with the Hexoskin App. However, you should ensure that your Hexoskin is not covered by metal or any other material which would cause interference with the Bluetooth transmission to your Hexoskin App. For best connectivity, your phone or tablet running the Hexoskin App should be also in a direct range of your device (about 10 m or 32 ft). Keep in mind that some buildings and/or installations can cause Bluetooth interference.

If no real-time access is required, you will be able to visualize your data on the Hexoskin Dashboard after data synchronization with Hexoskin OneSync.