What is the difference between the Hexoskin SmartShirt and ProShirt?

This article explains the differences between our 2 Hexoskin smart garments

The Hexoskin Smart Shirt, our original smart clothing option, is equipped with the same sensors as the ProShirt. It is ideal for wearing for 8-12 hours and comes with optional adjustable belts for more intense activities. The smart shirt is priced at 199 USD, while the Smart Kit, which includes the Hexoskin Smart Shirt, the Hexoskin Smart Data Recorder, and a USB charging cable, is available for 849 USD.

On the other hand, the Hexoskin ProShirt is our most advanced smart clothing choice, specifically designed for research and professional purposes. It is suitable for long-term wear during activities ranging from low to high intensity. The ProShirt features a dual pocket to accommodate the Hexoskin Smart data recorder in various positions based on the activity, such as sleep. Additionally, it includes adjustable thoracic and abdominal belts seamlessly integrated into the fabric. The ProShirt is also priced at 199 USD, with the Pro Kit, including the Hexoskin ProShirt, the Hexoskin Smart Data Recorder, and a USB charging cable, available for 849 USD.